~ 3 June 2019 ~

days in a daze


What - is - up reggae family?


concrete therapy is back! we have been off of the music scene's radar for, damn... the last half of 2017 and probably 2018 in its entirety. Figured that since we are 6 months into 2019, now would be a good time to poke our heads out of this mineshaft. Just to let you know, we are still here, and we've been busy. How about a comprehensive update? :)

It has definitely been a while since we pushed out any new content but we've been active in the shadows. Despite me (corey) now being a full-time dad, max playing on the regular with the Dwane Dixon Band, and dave performing with many Canadian singers and bands... we still find time for the Concrete Therapy project. Lately, we have been researching a lot to bring out the best of reggae songs. Anyone been craving new music this week?


Well this is where we are at so far... we have some new music for our listeners. With one last scene to film for the new single's music video, "Days in a Daze" is almost a wrap.  This track is scheduled to drop with the video by the end of June / Early July. It will be the first of many new originals to get released starting this year, so keep your eyes open for future updates. You can also sign up for the newsletter below.


"Days in a daze" was on daily rotation on; streamed live from San Diego, BRM was Launched by Scott Brown, Mitch Santell and Errol Brown on November 5, 2014 and features some of the hottest reggae music from all over the world. If you weren't already aware, "the global healing has begun!" 

Expect some changes to our approach in terms of tone and quality. We have spent time and money to redefine our place in the world of music. Being a Canadian band, we decided to introduce a new edge and grit to our lyrics and compositions; so I guess from now on, we will address it as "duality reggae".

New affiliations have been made; feel free to check out the "shoutouts to our affiliates" slide by clicking the arrow on the right.

How do you like the new colours and logo? We finally got to work on our branding, something that has been highly neglected by us for far too long...